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On December 1, 2004 the owners of CK Sanitary Systems, Inc abandoned the sewer system to the Town of Clifton Park and the Town of Malta. This action forced the Towns of Clifton Park and Malta to take over the operation and maintenance of the system. As with any transfer in ownership there will be some changes. Some of the more notable changes you will notice are as follows:

  • 2005 CK Bills distributed and collected by the Town of Clifton Park
  • Contact phone numbers may be different than what you used to call:
    • 24hour emergency numbers 518-877-6095 or pager 343-0662
    • Daytime phone (non-emergency) 518-348-7313
  • Saratoga County Sewer District #1 is graciously assisting us with 24 hour telephone dispatch.
  • New Sewer District Formations in Clifton Park and Malta in 2006
    • Sewer bills on your County property tax bill in 2006, saving mailing and billing costs.
    • Allows for possible future improvements to be bonded if necessary.

While this highlights some of the more significant changes, you may notice since the abandonment, the Town of Clifton Park and Malta are committed to a seamless transition and excellent customer service. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at 518-348-7313 or email. 

Clifton Park Sewer is a complex network of almost 60 miles of pipe, 8 pump stations, and upwards of 550 grinder pumps. Most people never think twice about sewage and where it goes as long as it leaves there homes. Your sewer payments are necessary to provide for pump replacement and repairs, blockage removal, sewer line cleaning, sewer line replacement, electric bills, fuel (generators), etc. Throughout the year there will be a variety of emergencies, failures, and other unexpected issues that need to be dealt with promptly. 

No, CK Sanitary consists of infrastructure to transport waste from CK Sanitary customers to the Saratoga County Sewer District #1 System for processing. 

The Saratoga County Sewer District #1 wastewater treatment plant is located in Mechanicville, New York. 

There are 8 pump stations located throughout the town to pump sewage in areas where gravity transportation is not an option. Pump Stations are typically in low areas of the system and will pump sewage up hill to a gravity line and continues toward the wastewater treatment plant. These stations do not process sewage; however they must be functional 24 hours/day. These stations have alarm systems associated with them and in a couple situations a generator to provide back up power in the event of a power outage. You may see a red light flashing at a station once in a great while. This indicates an alarm has likely been transmitted via alarm dialer. 

  1. Call (518) 877-6095 at any time to let us know that there is a problem with your grinder pump.
  2. Cease water usage in your home; try to keep wastewater to a minimum to prevent an overflow of the well.

A grinder pump is a pump located in a tank that receives wastewater from your home. The pumps send the wastewater to either a pressure sewer line or a gravity sewer line at the street. We are responsible for maintaining certain grinder pumps within the old CK System at no cost to our customers. (See list of CK owned Grinder Pumps) 

Grinder pumps are designed to provide years of maintenance free service, however, there are some things you should know to ensure the longevity of your pump. 

If you have gravity sewer that is backing up, it is likely a blockage in the lateral leaving your home. While CK Sanitary is responsible for the sewer main in the street, blockages (grease, roots, etc.) in a residential gravity sewer lateral is the responsibility of the homeowner. If contacted, our personnel will inspect the sewer in the street to verify it is operating correctly and not causing the back up into your home. Most plumbers are equipped to handle this type of emergency, should it be deemed to be a problem on your property. 

Absolutely Not! Sump pump hook ups to any sanitary sewer in Clifton Park are illegal. If you have a sump pump hooked up to the sewer, you should remove it immediately and re-route it to the exterior of your home. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this important issue please contact 348-7313 or email. 

It is never acceptable to dispose of any hazardous chemicals down the drain. Explosive chemicals such as gasoline pose a significant threat to sanitary sewers and should never be dumped down the drain. Explosive vapors can build up in sewers and create a hazardous condition, in addition, these vapors pose a threat to the technicians and contractors that maintain the system and could prove fatal in certain situations. The Town of Clifton Park conducts a Household Hazardous Waste Day annually where these items can be properly disposed of. The Town of Malta also participates in this program.

You can use the online tax system to view and print your property taxes. Click Here to Access the Online Tax System.

Property Tax bills can be viewed and printed online. Click Here to Access the Online Tax System. Also, town officials can mail, fax or e-mail the information to you. Just call 371-5720.

Shenendehowa School Tax Collector 881-0625, Burnt Hills School Tax Collector 399-1413, Niskayuna School Tax Collector 377-4666 ext. 50712

No. Each School District handles their own collection.

Yes, You can now pay your property taxes using a credit/debit card. There is a 2.45% transaction fee for credit cards, $3.95 fee for debit cards and a $1.75 convenience fee for E-checks which is charged by the credit card company (not the town). Click here to go to the Property Tax Portal. Enter information to select bill and follow prompts.

Many residents have their taxes escrowed with lending institutions. It is the responsibility of the lender to notify this office prior to the mailing of bills that they will make payment. In the event that a request list is not received prior to our mailing, the bills are mailed as addressed and becomes the responsibility of the owner to notify his/her lender. All changes of information to a tax bill is done through the Assessor’s Office and until this office receives these changes the tax bill will remain the same. If a bill is mailed to a former owner they are supposed to forward the bill to the new owner, or return it to this office. This does not always occur. It you are a new owner, it would be wise to contact this office if you do not receive your bill by the second week of January. If you have a lender, contact them to make certain they requested your bill for payment. The Property Tax Bills are printed from the Assessor’s records. For changes of mailing status please call the Assessor’s Office at 371-6460.

Payments may be mailed to our bank lockbox at Town of Clifton Park, PO Box 10788, Albany, New York, 12201, or payments can be paid in person at Clifton Park Town Hall, 1 Town Hall Plaza, Clifton Park, New York 12065, or online with credit card or E-check (fees apply).

The Property Tax Bill is mailed December 31st each year. If you do not receive the bill by January 7th, call the Property Tax Office at 371-5720.

All exemptions are processed by the Assessor’s Office. For information please call 371-6460.

Yes. The failure to mail a statement or the failure of a property owner to receive a statement will not affect the validity of the taxes or interest prescribed by law (NYS RPTL 922). In addition, neither the Receiver of Taxes nor any other Town official has legal authority to waive statutory penalty charges. These are fixed by the Real Property Tax Law (RPTL). If they are waived, the collecting officer will be personally responsible. As all records are audited by State examiners, there is absolutely no discretion in this matter. The Constitution and the law of the State mandates the procedure.

NYS RPTL 925 provides as follows: “Payment of taxes by mail, when enclosed in a postpaid wrapper (envelope) properly addressed to the appropriate collecting officer and is deposited in a post office or official depository under the exclusive care and custody of the United States Post Office shall, upon delivery, be deemed to have been made to such officer on the date of the United States Postmark on such wrapper. The provisions of this section shall not apply in the case of postmarks not made by the United States Post Office. A postage meter postmark is not a postmark made by the United States Post Office and, therefore, is not within the provisions of Real Property Tax Law 925. Payments cannot be deemed timely because of a postage meter postmark date on an envelope containing a tax payment (Op. New York State Com. 68-626).

During the first week of March, a late notice of all unpaid tax bills is sent to the owner, and his/her lender if one is indicated on the bill. This notice is to advise you of the March 31st final date of acceptance at this office. Thereafter, all payments are to be made payable to the Saratoga County Treasurer. You must phone their office prior to sending any payments at (518) 884-4724.

Property tax bills show the months that payment may be made and the amounts that apply to each month. If payment is made in January, there is no penalty, the amount shown is the total due for the year. If payment is made in February, a one percent penalty is added to the total amount due. If payment is made in March, a two percent penalty is added to the total amount due, plus an additional $2.00 late fee or service charge.

Payment amount must be exact, please make certain your check is correct.

The IDA was established under New York State law to promote, develop, and assist in acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, equipping, and furnishing of qualified projects and facilities, thereby increasing the job base of the town.

A project may qualify for tax-exempt financing, taxable bonds or a straight lease transaction. It also may qualify for sales tax exemption, mortgage recording tax exemption and/or real estate tax abatement.

A manufacturing concern may qualify for a tax exempt bond or a 501C-3 organization.

Yes. We are prohibited from participating in transactions which are primarily retail in nature.

Members are Town of Clifton Park residents who are appointed by the Town Board for two year terms.

IDA Board members are volunteers and do not get compensated.

Clients are charged 3/4 of one percent of project building costs.

NO – those items should be brought to the Clifton Park Transfer Station and there is a free Saratoga County Scrap Metal Recycling Dropoff. 

YES - you can call Town Hall to find out your assigned time and number 371-6651 x 226.

YES - you will need to fill out a paper copy of the registration and return it to Town Hall by mail or in person. These forms are available at Town Hall, the transfer station, and the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library.

YES – propane tanks from either small or large gas grills will be accepted, however the grill itself is not allowed.

With such large numbers of participants, we have allowed for minimal leeway in the arrival times. Please make an effort to arrive as close as possible to your assigned time.

YES You can register separately or combine items on one registration form.

In extreme circumstances, the Special Collections Day committee will be able to make changes. Please call Town Hall for more info 371-6651 x 226.

NONE– This is a FREE service for Clifton Park & Halfmoon residents only provided by the Town of Clifton Park to better serve its Town of Clifton Park residents.

Dry unwanted latex paint outdoors, away from children and animals and discard with the household trash in a plastic lined box. Remove paint can lids so the trash removers can see that the cans are empty or the paint is dry. Add kitty litter, sawdust, or sand to completely dry the paint out. Once dry, it can be disposed in your regular household garbage.

Through an agreement with the Town of Clifton Park, County Waste offers free yard waste pick-up for all residents from April through November.

Leaves and brush will be collected in brown paper yard waste bags only. No yard waste will be collected from garbage cans. Small, bundled brush that is less than four feet long and three inches in diameter will also be collected. Bundles need to be tied so as one person can pick up a bundle. Waste pickup days will be every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Please call Town Hall at 371-6651 for additional details.

Items that will not be collected:

  • Tree or shrub roots of any type
  • Tree stumps or logs
  • Waste products, Household garbage
  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Railroad Ties
  • Building Debris

The Highway Department is responsible for picking up dead animals on all Town Roads with assistance from the Animal Control Office in some cases. Please call (518) 371-6651 to report.

The Highway Department will clean ditches and drains on an as needed basis. When time allows the Highway Department will also clean debris from roadside culverts.

Town roads are assessed on a regular basis by the Highway Superintendent. Paving schedules are determined by the funds that are available and the maintenance that is needed for the safety of our Community. Potholes are repaired year round. If you have a pothole in your area that needs repair, please call 371-7310, and a foreman will inspect the area immediately to determine the best course of action.

The Town of Clifton Park Highway Department is on call 24 hours a day to make the 435 lane miles of Town roadways clear and safe. The Highway Department has multiple routes for plowing and salting in an effort to provide safe conditions in an efficient manner. During winter months, it is important that you ensure vehicles and obstacles are not in the road. These obstructions make it difficult for plows to maneuver and keep our roads safe.

The Highway Department offers installation of roadside culvert pipes. The Highway Department will install and back fill the area at no cost to the homeowner. All material, topsoil, and seeding are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Street sweepers are used to support paving and pipe installation projects during the warm weather months. In addition, all Town roads are swept on an annual basis beginning in the spring.

Absolutely not, although you may bring one. The procedure is informal and designed to permit individuals to bring and defend claims without being skilled in the law.

Bring a receipted bill for the repairs, or, if you have not had the car repaired, bring at least two itemized estimates of the cost of the repairs.

You may have a problem. If the other side is ready and does not consent to an adjournment, the Court can order the trial to go ahead, even without your witness. If you know in advance that a necessary witness may not appear voluntarily, see the Court Clerk about a subpoena.

It depends upon the nature of the case. The judge may reserve a decision and mail it to the parties.

You may also be contacted by the Mediation Services of Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties to see if you are willing to have a trained mediator help settle your case. The Court can provide you with a brochure containing more information on this service if you are interested (You can Download the Brochure by Clicking Here). While you are not obligated to participate in any mediation service, it is often possible to resolve your case on terms agreeable to both parties, without court intervention, through the mediation service. If you settle before the case is scheduled to be heard, please advise the Court Clerk. The Judge may also try to help the parties bring about an amicable settlement in lieu of a trial of the case.

For more information, you may pick up a booklet on Small Claims at the Court office or you may view the booklet on-line by clicking on the link below.

No. Fines are set by the Judge within certain maximum/minimum guidelines prescribed by law and are based on the severity of the offense. Repeat violations are usually assessed higher fines.

All fines should be paid on the date of trial or guilty plea. If you are unable to pay your fine at the time, you may ask for an extension. Fines may also be paid in person by Visa and Master Card.

The Court will notify the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles which will suspend your license. Driving while your license is suspended can be charged as a misdemeanor, or even, in some cases, as a felony. If you miss a Court date, call the Court Office and ask for a new court date. You may be required to post bail. The Court may also increase the fine.

30 days. Use of your out-of-state license after that period is an infraction. It’s also an infraction to hold licenses from more than one state.

Quite possibly not. Better bring a backup driver to Court. And a lawyer.

It means that you have been charged with driving after your license has been suspended, usually for failure to answer a summons or to pay a fine (or for other reasons, like suspended insurance). This is a Misdemeanor and can result in serious penalties. It is advisable for you to try to clear up the suspension(s) before you come to Court and bring proof that you have done so. Keep in mind that you cannot legally drive while you are suspended, even to Court.

No, although you may bring a lawyer at your own expense.

The point system is controlled by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Court does not assess the points, nor can the Court prevent points from being assessed for moving violations. For more information on the point system, go to

Yes. The State has also implemented a driver responsibility assessment program. The assessment is an amount that you must pay to the NYSDMV each year for three years. The assessment can be as much as $250 per year. For more information, go to

Again, the Court has no control over the insurance companies. For information about possible premium increases, you should contact your insurance broker or the insurance company.

The NYSDMV has approved a classroom course lasting at least six hours which may remove up to 4 points from your license and will save you up to 10% of your automobile liability and collision insurance premiums for three years.

For a list of course providers, you can go to or check the yellow pages under “Driving Instruction.”

For more information on the course itself, go to

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